Out on the golf courseGo out to the fairway, and the sound of motorized carts fills the air. You see people zipping by one way to head to the country club, zooming past to get to their tee times, and just gabbing with other motorized golfers. While the golf course operator pulls your motorized chariot up to you, you politely decline. Instead, you place your golf bags on your GRi-975Li electric trolley and walk out to the first hole. Walking golf is making a comeback, fighting against the golf cart trend that has become so prevalent for the past decade. While golf carts are perfect motorized vehicles for disabled people, small children and the elderly who have mobility issues and need help making their way across the course, the young and healthy should be looking at their own two feet to move them across the fairway during their golf games.

Health Benefits To Walking Golf

Researchers around the world are studying the health benefits of walking the golf course versus riding in a cart. Studies provided by Golf Science International have shown that walking while playing four hours of golf is the equivalent of participating in a 45-minute fitness class. The Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences has determined that a golfer who engages in 36 holes of golf in a week can burn up to 3,000 calories by walking. Several medical studies have also shown that walking golf can reduce bad cholesterol and keep good cholesterol levels steady. Yet, all these facts should be common sense to golfers. We all know that walking is a great exercise when not out on the course. So it should be obvious that walking the course will give the same health benefits. When engaging in 30 minutes of walking a day, a person can find the following benefits:
  • lessen the risk of coronary heart disease
  • improve blood pressure
  • reduce the risks of becoming overweight
  • reduce the chances of developing certain types of breast and colon cancer.
Perhaps the biggest reason that more golfers are not walking is due to the weight of carrying the heavy golf clubs around all 18 holes. Yet using motorized caddies and electric trolleys can easily help keep the golf bag off the golfer's shoulders and within easy control as they walk their way to better health and reducing the risk of back injury from carrying or pushing a 3 wheel cart up steep hills.
December 23, 2014 — Natalie Montoya

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