It’s been a few months since we’ve been able to get out on the golf course, and now that the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing, it’s time to go play golf. If you’ve been like us, you may be a little rusty, so here are some ideas to help you get your play back where it needs to be. Stay in Shape If you’ve managed to let the winter go by without a fitness plan, chances are your game could be rougher than you planned. Try to get back into some sort of routine. Try stretching and finding a small routine that works for you. If you’re only stretching before your first round, it’s not enough, and you’ll find that you’re stiff and out of shape. Equipment Now can be the best time to invest in new equipment, so check your clubs and gear to make sure you’re not in need of repair or replacing. Check the battery on your remote control golf cart to make sure it’s charged, or ready for a charge. Plan ahead for your first round. Hit the Driving Range It seems like a simple plan, but it can’t be stressed enough as to how important practice is. If it’s been months since you’ve been out playing golf, you’re going to need a little warming up before you can get back out there. The best way to do this is to head to your local driving range, and spend an hour or two getting your swing back. Hitting balls repetitively at the range will help you get back into the groove of golf. Short Shots It’s important enough to focus on your long game, but your smaller shots are equally as important. No one wants to get within feet or yards of the perfect hole, all to lose out because of a bad putt. So while you’re out there practicing your swing, try hitting a few smaller shots. Find a putting drill and stick to it, so you improve before your first round. Practice While it’s fun to play with a weekly group of friends, sometimes your best work can be done when you’re on the course alone. Get out there and really focus on your strategy and your game. Take time to set up the best shots, and really work on improving your game for golf season.
May 16, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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