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What to do when your Swing Falls Apart

Even the best golfers have bad days. Even the pros doubt their ability from time to time. If there’s a golfer you play with whom you admire, chances are if you asked them, they would admit to feeling less than perfect on the course at times. Sometimes you just can’t hit at well as...
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Windy Golfing Tips

Playing golf in the wind can be tricky. When you’re focusing on a shot, there are so many other things you’re thinking about; where you’re trying to aim the ball, how is your posture, what are you going to focus on during your swing, and more. When it’s windy, you also have to take into...
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Baseball and Golf

While you may not thing the two sports have much in common, you might be surprised by this tactic for fairway bunkers. It pulls from the sport of baseball, and the similarities in your swing and aiming tactics. While it can be hard to draw comparisons between the two sports, the swing is perhaps the...
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How to Play on Any Golf Course

Playing a new course can be tough. Whether you’re playing with other people who play there all the time, or it’s a new course for all of you, it can still be tough to play it for the first time. It’s important to keep your mental game as close, as your clubs, gear, and Read more