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5 Tips for a Better Golf Swing

It can be hard to focus on everything you’ve been told to do when you play golf, and sometimes you just want to get out there and block it all out. We’re here with five tips that will help your game, and keep you mentally and physically prepared for your next swing. Breaking it down...
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Fall Golf: Helpful Warm Ups

Fall is here, and so begins fall play. The course is, thankfully, less crowded and slightly chillier. Now, more than ever, your warm up is important. If it’s colder out it can be harder to loosen up and play like your normal self. So here are some tips for warming up before a cool game...
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How to improve your long putts

When it comes to golf, any one shot can trip you up. If you have a least favorite shot or least favorite hole, chances are you need to take the time to practice it, and gain confidence. Long putts are one such shot. Most people hate them as these shots typically seem easier to take...
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The Benefits of Fall Golf

It’s well acknowledged that fall is one of the best times to play golf. The courses aren’t as full, the weather isn’t too hot. And on the right day, you might even have the course to yourself. It’s time to enjoy yourself and your remote golf caddy, work on your game and enjoy the...
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