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Putting Tips

Want to learn to putt like a pro? It sounds intimidating but like anything, it just takes practice. Depending on your skill level, long putts can be tricky, you can always try for one putt but often it’s best taken in two or three putts. Consider working on your lag putting, because it can be...
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The Newest Golf Clubs on the Market

Every year, manufacturers are studying golf products and coming up with new innovations to help golfers to make swings that will hit golf balls so they will travel farther and provide more flexibility with the type of swing that a golfer wishes to make. This year is no exception. Some amazing new technology has...
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7 Golf Etiquette Tips

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing golf for years, or if you are a beginner in the sport, you may need a few reminders of the appropriate etiquette for a game of golf. The following are suggestions for your golf etiquette and tips for respecting the course. Fore!: You have probably seen or heard it in...
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