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Best Drivers of 2019

Last month, we reviewed the three best mallet putters of 2019. Next we turn to drivers. If you’re looking to go the distance with your

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Putting Tips

Want to learn to putt like a pro? It sounds intimidating but like anything, it just takes practice. Depending on your skill level, long putts

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7 Golf Etiquette Tips

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing golf for years, or if you are a beginner in the sport, you may need a few reminders

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5 Golf Gadget Must-haves

These days, technology is constantly changing and with it comes new gadgets for just about any interest. In the world of golf, there are quite

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Playing Golf- remote Controlled Golf Cart

Windy Golfing Tips

Playing golf in windy conditions can be tricky. When you’re focusing on a shot, there are so many other things you’re thinking about; where you’re

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Baseball and Golf

While you may not think golf and baseball have much in common, you might be surprised by this tactic for fairway bunkers. It pulls from

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Practice at the Driving Range

If your swing just hasn’t been feeling right lately, there’s nothing wrong with getting in some time at the driving range. Spending time practicing is

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How to Hit Straighter

We’ve all experienced difficult shots on the course, ones that make us truly question how evil course architects actually are. While it might be their

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Precise Putting

If you’ve ever wondered why the pros are so good with their golf putting technique, and wondered how you can get your putting game up

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Types of Golf Shoes

There are many kinds of footwear that are appropriate for golfing, shoes with spikes and without. It’s important to find the best kind of shoes

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Golf Etiquette Refresher

If it’s been a while since you’ve golfed it’s important to remember a few do’s and don’t’s of the sport. What you’re expected to do,

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Tips for Golf Beginners

If you’re interested in getting into golf, there are some things you may want to know before your first outing onto the green. There are

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Pro Swing Secrets

Ever feel like your swing is just sub-par? Wish you could get some tips from the pros? Here are a few golf swing secrets used

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Unusual Golf Rules

Let’s face it, to those that aren’t already familiar with the sport, it’s rules and scoring, Golf can seem a little strange. Most non-golfers don’t

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Top Golf Destinations

In the midst of winter, you may be sliding into a depression, and it’s not the dark morning and nights, or bitter cold that’s doing

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Golfing in the Fall

It’s that time of year. The tourists have gone home, and the kids have gone back to school. You finally have the golf courses to

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Remote control golf cart, electric golf caddy

Are you addicted to golf?

So your phone is filled with golf-related apps, April is your favorite month of the year, you obsessively research the latest electric golf caddy and

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Golf Keeps a Body Healthy

While at first glance golf appears to be a very sedentary, it is an activity that improves both your physical and mental health. Everything from

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Best Golf Etiquette Tips

Golf is called a, “gentleman’s game” for a reason. When taking to the links, a person is supposed to adhere to etiquette rules so that

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11 Coolest Golf Courses

With thousands of golf courses all around the world, it is always fun to try something unique and different. Whether it is course location, course

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Nike Method Converge Review

The Nike Method Converge M1-08 Golf Putter is one of the season’s top putters. Featuring an RZN layer between 304 stainless steel, the putter delivers

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