Walking Golf Leads You On The Path To Better Health

Out on the golf courseGo out to the fairway, and the sound of motorized carts fills the air. You see people zipping by one way to head to the country club, zooming past to get to their tee times, and just gabbing with other motorized golfers. While the golf course operator pulls your motorized chariot up to you, you politely decline. Instead, you place your golf bags on your GRi-975Li electric trolley and walk out to the first hole. Walking golf is making a comeback, fighting against the golf cart trend that has become so prevalent for the past decade. While golf carts are perfect motorized vehicles for disabled people, small children and the elderly who have mobility issues and need help making their way across the course, the young and healthy should be looking at their own two feet to move them across the fairway during their golf games.

Health Benefits To Walking Golf

Researchers around the world are studying the health benefits of walking the golf course versus riding in a cart. Studies provided by Golf Science International have shown that walking while playing four hours of golf is the equivalent of participating in a 45-minute fitness class. The Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences has determined that a golfer who engages in 36 holes of golf in a week can burn up to 3,000 calories by walking. Several medical studies have also shown that walking golf can reduce bad cholesterol and keep good cholesterol levels steady. Yet, all these facts should be common sense to golfers. We all know that walking is a great exercise when not out on the course. So it should be obvious that walking the course will give the same health benefits. When engaging in 30 minutes of walking a day, a person can find the following benefits:
  • lessen the risk of coronary heart disease
  • improve blood pressure
  • reduce the risks of becoming overweight
  • reduce the chances of developing certain types of breast and colon cancer.
Perhaps the biggest reason that more golfers are not walking is due to the weight of carrying the heavy golf clubs around all 18 holes. Yet using motorized caddies and electric trolleys can easily help keep the golf bag off the golfer's shoulders and within easy control as they walk their way to better health and reducing the risk of back injury from carrying or pushing a 3 wheel cart up steep hills.

Golf Gifts Perfect For The Holidays

Remote Control Golf CartThe holiday season has been made even more joyous with the types of golf gifts and accessories that you can purchase for a loved one. So place the tacky reindeer sweater back on the store hanger and leave the bath products on the shelves. Instead, look at these great holiday golf gift ideas available here at Cart Tek. GRi-1500Li V2 Remote Control Golf Caddies It happens to even the best of golfers. The moment you hit golf ball you see it taking a sharp slice to the rough. You "think" you saw where it had landed, as you dig through the brush and long grass searching for the ball. When finally you do find it, you have to make the long trudge back to your golf bags. The GRX-1200R Remote Control Golf Caddy can make your life a little easier. By using the remote control, the caddy can come to you so you don't have to make the trudge back to where you left the bag. The full-feature remote is programmable and has 4 different speed settings. With ring and pinion gearbox and high torque motors, the caddy is perfect for people who love walking along the links or need that bit of extra help when walking up hills. Original ClubClean There's nothing worse than getting dirt caked on the clubs or your golf balls when playing the 18 holes. Always enjoy a clean game with the Original ClubClean from Cart Tek. Constructed from high-grade polypropylene with built in brushes, the ClubClean can be mounted to your remote control caddy so it is within easy reach whenever there is a bit of grime affecting your gameplay.

Travel/Carry Bag - 1500Li You pay to have the best golf clubs and caddies to fully enjoy your time on the links only to find someone has broken into your car or SUV to swipe your things. The best way to deter thieves is to keep the caddy out of sight. Travel/Carry bags are large enough to store your GRi-1500Li

Remote Control Caddy in your vehicle or carry it home after an exhausting day playing golf. Cart Tek has several different travel/carry bags available for certain models of remote control caddies or electric trolleys, so ensure you order the right one for your particular caddy.

Beverage Holder Always have a drink handy when you get thirsty on the green. The beverage holder has a universal mounting device so it can fit on any type of caddy or trolley. Water bottles and soda cans can fit comfortably in the holder. There is also a place to have two extra golf balls for quick play. Have a refreshing cold drink on those hot days or a relaxing hot beverage in cooler weather as you'll always keep hydrated.

Why Remote Control Golf Cart?

If you are considering an electric golf trolley or caddie, you may be asking yourself which design is better for me, or more specifically, why would I need a Remote Control golf caddie. The answer has more to do with your golf course than your own personal preference and here is why. On a flat course, it is quite easy to keep pace with your golf cart. There are no steep inclines to effect your carts speed or your own walking pace. More importantly there are no steep downhill inclines where you would likely need to hold back on your trolley. The remote control caddie resolves both of these issue. On uphill inclines, you walk at your pace and control the cart from a distance. On the steep downhill you will be able to control your Cart Tek remote control caddie to literally crawl down the hill. If you have more questions, visit our site, Remote Control Golf Cart (carttek.com)

Cart Tek Golf News - New Product Launch

Dear valued customers and walking golfers: Thank you for your interest in Cart Tek, and if you have already purchased one of our models, thank you for your business. We know you enjoy walking golf, so please let us introduce you to a new product that we are proud to show our valued customers first. Available just after the New Year is our newest Remote Control Golf Caddie, the GRi-1500Li. If you know about our best selling GRX-1200R, you will be happy to learn that the 1500Li will incorporate the same basic electronics package as the 1200R, i.e. programmable remote control, individual speed settings, electronic tracking adjustment, timer etc. However, the GRi-1500Li will not look anything like it’s forerunner. The GRi-1500Li uses the latest in battery technology, the Lithium Ion battery; Powerful enough for 18 holes and more, and weighing a mere 3.5 pounds. Besides the weight advantage, the Lithium Ion battery will charge in less time, stores for a longer period of time and affords you between 800 and 1000 rounds of golf lasting up to 5 or 6 years – depending on use. The frame construction of the new GRi-1500Li is the most striking difference from our earlier Remote Control models. Gone is the industrial rugged look of the 1200R frame. The new wave design frame, larger diameter drive wheels, front and rear anti tip wheels make for a perfect profile. The adjustable upper handle makes the GRi-1500Li perfect for golfers of all heights and makes the transition from remote to manual mode a snap. We expect to start shipping this beauty the first week of 2015. Be the first at your course to own the latest addition to the Cart Tek line of quality carts. If Remote Control is not for you, check out the new GRi-975Li. We have models for every golfer. https://www.carttek.com/gri-975li/ Hope to hear from you soon.